Nuggles! Tuck-Wrap-Go! Cover


$12.59 CAD $17.99 CAD


Nuggles' 2-size adjustable system is easy and economical. You don't have to buy multiple sizes, and you don't have to contend with the poor fit of a one-size.

Designed by a Canadian mom and tested on her own babe, these covers are smart, user-friendly, and they WORK. Use them with lay-in inserts (reusable or disposable), prefolds, or for over fitted diapers.


How They Work:

  1. Adjust the rise snaps to fit your baby. It should sit just at or below the belly button. Keep the snaps fastened until your baby grows out of the fit, then re-adjust.
  2. Simply lay and tuck in the insert, wrap around your baby and GO!
  3. Once removed, secure the velcro wing-tabs against the inner laundry tabs before washing.

Size One Fits 6-20lbs (NB/SM)
Size Two Fits 15-40lbs (M-XL)

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