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Want soft clothes, but don't want a polluted laundry room to get it? Want to save money on your laundry bills too? Want your laundry room to look hip and cool too? Here is a simple eco-friendly solution! Felted Dryer Balls!

What are dryer balls?
These all natural, handmade balls are made from 100% Canadian wool. I hand wind the balls using 100% Canadian roving wool, which is to give the balls a bit of weight so they will bounce in the dryer, then I wet felt the outside to make a smooth colourful surface and to prevent the balls from unwinding and to ensure they last a really long time!

How do they work?
Wool has antistatic properties from its natural oils and nature of the fibre. Plus, wool is absorbent, so it helps absorb the moisture in the dryer released by your clothes in the dryer process. So, all these factors together = soft, static-free clothing, and 30% shorter drying time. Neat eh?

What Does The Information Sheet Say?

We hope that you enjoy these dryer balls for many months to come! We are a small Edmonton based family company that produces skin care and eco-friendly cleaning products to help make it easier for people to live a healthy life.

Wool dryer balls reduce static AND can cut your dryer time by 30%+ or more! A great all natural, toxin free and sustainable alternative to dryer sheets or plastic dryer balls. Where do we get our wool from? We source our wool locally from a small mill in Carstairs, Alberta. From sheep to mill, to ball to you; its from the prairies! Some of the balls are softer of firmer than others. All balls are 1oz in weight , but they each have been felted to different levels. The firmer ones help more with static while the softer ones help more with moisture absorption. The softer ones will firm up over time. When they become pilly on the surface and are very firm to the touch, we consider that the end of the life cycle. They will last 100+ loads. Can the balls be scented? Absolutely! Just add 3-4 drops per ball ofa pure essential oil. The scent will last for a few loads, and can be rescented as desired.*

*Adding 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil has been deemed safe for CLOTH DIAPERS as per the manufacturer as the exposure would be very minimal.

(The 3-4 drops would be absorbed into the wool rather than disperse onto the diapers)

**Please Note: The colors will be chosen at The Cloth Diaper Source's discretion.

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